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BACK TO BASICS: Hartlepool tidying up the town

BACK TO BASICS: Hartlepool tidying up the town

Hartlepool Council, Image: LDRS

Councillors have unanimously backed plans to get “back to basics” in Hartlepool and focus on tidying up the town.

Hartlepool Full Council passed a motion on Thursday evening to look at new ways to ensure the maintenance, upkeep, and cleanliness of the town.

This will include looking at weeds and overgrown grass areas, green spaces “plagued by litter, broken glass and dog fouling” and community assets “too often in a state of disrepair”.

An initial motion was raised by Labour’s Cllr Amy Prince, and signed by other councillors in the party, calling on the council to examine “every aspect of this problem”.

She said: “Our residents deserve to live free from the prospect of rats living next door.

“By letting our standards slip we are letting the broken window effect take hold, which is beyond a shame when so many exciting developments seem to be on the table.”

She also praised the work done by groups such as the ‘Big Town Tidy Up’, adding they need to follow their lead.

Cllr Rachel Creevy, in seconding the initial motion, said they have to take pride in the town and consider what they can do differently to benefit residents.

She said: “This motion is important as the environment we live in is crucial to our wellbeing and helps to foster pride and positivity.”

Cllr Shane Moore, council leader, spoke in favour of looking at new ways to tackle these challenges, adding they are already starting to carry out innovative work with the help of voluntary groups.

The Independent Union representative said: “We have some amazing people in Hartlepool who do some amazing things.

“I’ve no problem with us looking at innovative ways and new ways to build on that sense of pride that we have from the community.”

Although initially raised by Labour councillors, the final motion came following an amendment by Cllr Moore.

The initial motion called for the council to request the Neighbourhood Services Committee set up a working group to look at the issue.

However the amendment, backed by all councillors, stated a report will go to the committee to allow them to discuss the issue and look at what steps to take, with all councillors invited to attend.

Labour’s Cllr Jonathan Brash said: “We’re just trying to get people around the table to discuss a big problem.”


Words: Nic Marko, Local Democracy Reporter

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