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CONCERNS RAISED: Dangerous mobile advertising hoardings

CONCERNS RAISED: Dangerous mobile advertising hoardings

The Greystones roundabout on the A174, Image: Google Maps

Redcar and Cleveland Council says it is very difficult to take enforcement action over “potentially dangerous” mobile advertising boards being placed in roadside locations in the borough.

Councillor Vera Rider said there was an increasing number of huge advertising boards on trailers appearing next to busy roads such as the A174, highlighting three she had seen between Grewgrass Lane on the outskirts of Redcar and the Greystones roundabout.

She said: “When reported and requested to be removed they are immediately moved to another inappropriate place close to the road.

“They are often parked in such a dangerous position that they could easily blow over into the road in high winds and are a danger to motorists who can lose concentration when reading them.”

Cllr Rider, a member of the Cleveland independents group who represents the Longbeck ward, said appropriate enforcement was needed every time such advertising was placed at the side of the road without permission and called for the council to prosecute “persistent offenders”.

Councillor Julie Craig, cabinet member for highways, neighbourhoods and transport, said the advertising trailers were only borderline illegal, which meant it was very difficult to take enforcement action.

She said: “As they are not motorised vehicles they cannot be controlled by any parking restrictions or parking enforcement.

“Highways inspectors can ask for them to be removed, but as you have identified, [the owners] only move them to another prominent location temporarily and then back to their original site.

“Unfortunately there is no permanent action that can be taken, unless the operator refuses to move them.”

Cllr Craig said police could act if an advertisement board was identified as causing an obstruction, but would have to be “prepared to back up their judgement in court”.

She said: “Unfortunately just being visible does not make them an obstruction.

“If individuals report the trailers [to the council], we will make contact with the company and make them aware of the hazard and they will normally move them.”

Cllr Craig added: “I am unable to offer firm assurance with regards to the enforcement that you mentioned to infringements of the law or guarantee persistent offenders will be prosecuted for the reasons I have given.

“However we [the council] will continue to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner within our guidelines and legal obligations.”


Words: Stuart Arnold Local Demcoracy reporter

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