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SAVAGE ATTACK: Danny Stothard jailed for attempted murder

SAVAGE ATTACK: Danny Stothard jailed for attempted murder

Image from Northumbria Police


Savage attack - Danny Stothard, Sunderland, has been jailed for attempted murder.

A savage thug who tried to murder his friend in a frenzied street attack has been jailed for 16 years.

Danny Stothard repeatedly stamped on his unconscious victim’s head and body in a chilling act of revenge - while children from a nearby school walked by.

The 29-year-old attended the man’s home on the afternoon of January 29 last year in a bid to clear the air following a previous falling out.

But rather than build bridges, Stothard launched a brutal attack on his friend which started inside the house and continued out on the street in broad daylight.

The victim suffered 27 separate injuries which included 12 blows to the head consistent with stamping. He was also left with facial fractures and was taken to hospital by air ambulance for life-saving treatment.

Stothard, of Primrose Street, Sunderland, denied attempted murder but was convicted by a jury following a three-day trial at Newcastle Crown Court which concluded in October 2020.

On Monday he was back in the dock where a judge sentenced him to 16 years behind bars with an extended licence period of three years.

Detective Inspector Steve Robinson, of Northumbria Police, said: “This was one of the most brutal and frenzied assaults that I’ve seen during my time in policing.

“Stothard carried out this ferocious attack in the middle of the day and continued to rein down punches and stamps as his victim lay unconscious in the street, in full view of children walking nearby.

“It is nothing short of luck that Stothard did not kill his victim that day – and it’s clear that was his intention as he inflicted life-changing injuries on a man who used to be his friend.

“There is absolutely no doubt that Stothard deserves to spend a long time behind bars and I welcome the sentence handed down. There is no place for violent offenders on our streets.

“I sincerely hope this outcome can offer the victim some kind of comfort and closure following this truly traumatic ordeal.”

The court heard a passing neighbour helped to save the victim’s life after seeing him lying injured in the street.

The neighbour proceeded to administer first aid until emergency services arrived at the scene.

Stothard claimed his actions were in self-defence and denied attempted murder, but was found guilty of the offence by a jury last year.

He now begins a long stretch behind bars.

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