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DURHAM ELECTIONS: Full candidate list

DURHAM ELECTIONS: Full candidate list

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Candidates have been confirmed for the upcoming round of local elections for Durham County Council.

Hundreds of prospective county councillors have put themselves forward for a chance of winning one of the 126 seats up for grabs.

All 63 of the local authority’s electoral divisions are hosting polls on Thursday, May 6, with between one – three spots available in each.

One of the most high profile figures not seeking re-election this time around is Labour’s Alan Napier, the deputy leader of the council, who has held his Murton seat since 2008.

May 6 will also see polls open for the Durham Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner, as well as a host of town and parish councils.

Full list of candidates by electoral division:

Anfield Plain

Christine BELL (Derwentside Independents)

Eileen MCKNIGHTSMITH (Labour Party)

Joan NICHOLSON (Derwentside Independents)

Ken ROLLINGS (Independent)

Samuel Charles Oliver SIMKIN (Conservative Party)

Jeanette Theresa STEPHENSON (Labour Party)

Timothy Peter WATERS (Conservative Party)


Aycliffe East

Tony ARMSTRONG (Liberal Democrat)

Jim ATKINSON (Labour Party)

Bob FLEMING (Independent)

John William GRANT (Reform UK)

Brian HAIGH (Independent)

Wendy Patricia HILLARY (Labour Party)

Neville JONES (Liberal Democrat)

Martin PEEKE (Conservative Party)


Aycliffe North and Middridge

Kathryn Sarah BEETHAM (Labour Party)

Dorothy BOWMAN (Independent)

John Duncan CLARE (Labour Party)

Sandra HAIGH (Independent)

Jed HILLARY (Labour Party)

Andrea MILLER (Liberal Democrat)

John Douglas MOORE (Independent)

Maureen SHELTON (Liberal Democrat)

Michael STEAD (Liberal Democrat)

Tony STUBBS (Conservative Party)

David SUTTON-LLOYD (Conservative Party)


Aycliffe West

Eddy ADAM (Labour Party)

Michaela Helen BANTHORPE (Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews.)

George Coulson GRAY (Independent)

Kate HOPPER (Labour Party)

Elizabeth Rosemary MAW (Conservative Party)

Ken ROBSON (Independent)

James Robert WALSH (Liberal Democrat)

Paul Andrew WHITING (Liberal Democrat)


Barnard Castle East

Genevieve Susan METCALFE (Green Party)

George Morland RICHARDSON (Conservative Party)

Emma Louise ROWELL (Labour Party)

James Michael ROWLANDSON (Conservative Party)

Christine Margaret VAN MOURIK (Liberal Democrat)

Chloe Sheila WALLS (Labour Party)


Barnard Castle West

Richard Andrew BELL (Conservative Party)

David Wilson HARDAKER (Labour Party)

Ted Galehurst HENDERSON (Conservative Party)

Dave HYNES (Labour Party)

Stephen Charles WHITE (Liberal Democrats)



Taylor James DOWNS (Conservative Party)

Christine Anne FLETCHER (Labour Party)

Pauline HARDMAN (Labour Party)

Lesley MAVIN (Liberal Democrat)

Stuart Eric MAVIN (Liberal Democrat)

Roger Michael MCADAM (Green Party)

Christopher Jon RANSON (Labour Party)

Michael Drummond Moverley SMITH (Conservative Party)

Arthur Clifford WALKER (Independent)

Michael WATSON (Liberal Democrat)

Joshua WOOLLER (Conservative Party)



Kevin EARLEY (Labour Party)

Christine ENGLISH (Liberal Democrat)

Peter OLIVER (Derwentside Independents)

Eileen RIDLEY (Conservative Party)

Stephen ROBINSON (Derwentside Independents)

Toby THATCHER (Conservative Party)

Steven John WOOD (Labour Party)


Bishop Auckland Town

Harley James BALMERHOWIESON (Labour Party)

Katie ELIOT (Labour Party)

Andrew JACKSON (Conservative Party)

Sam ZAIR (Independent)


Bishop Middleham and Cornforth

Tony Douglas BRIMM (Independent)

Pauline Fernlea CRATHORNE (Labour Party)

Elaine PEEKE (Conservative Party)



Rob CRUTE (Labour Party)

Stacey DEINALI (Labour Party)

Simon James ELUND (Conservative Party)

Steven FRANKLIN (The North East Party)

Ebony WATSON (The North East Party)



Anne BONNER (Labour Party)

David Farnell CRABTREE (Conservative Party)

Ethan Lewis DODDS (Conservative Party

Jonathan ELMER (Green Party)

Priscilla Anne Bowen ELMER (Green Party)

Geoff MOORE (Liberal Democrat)

Carolyn SMITH (Independent)

Paul TAYLOR (Labour Party)


Burnopfield and Dipton

Mary Veronica ANDREWS (Labour Party)

David CUMMING (Conservative Party)

Keith ENGLISH (Liberal Democrat)

*Jay GRAHAM (Derwentside Independents) – Nomination Withdrawn

*Roland HEMSLEY (Derwentside Independents) – Nomination Withdrawn

Roland HEMSLEY (Independent)

Declan Gerard John MULHOLLAND (Labour Party)

Trevor ORD (Independent)

Paul Douglas ROBINSON (Conservative Party)

Richard Edwin SIMPSON (Green Party)


Chester-le-Street East

Beaty BAINBRIDGE (Conservative Party)

Neil John BRADBURY (Liberal Democrat)

Derek MORSE (Green Party)

Julie Anne SCURFIELD (Labour Party)


Chester-le-Street North

Ian HEAVISIDE (Independent)

Anne MURPHY (Conservative Party)

Philip Bernard NATHAN (Liberal Democrat)

Tracie Jane SMITH (Labour Party)


Chester-le-Street South

Allan BAINBRIDGE (Conservative Party)

Jack Lewis CHARLTON (Conservative Party)

Flora CONWAY (Labour Party)

Howell Wynne DAVIES (Labour Party)

Bill MOIST (Independent)

Tim MURPHY (Liberal Democrat)

Paul Stephen SEXTON (Independent)


Chester-le-Street West Central

Karen Anne FANTARROW DARBY (Independent)

Simon Antony HENIG (Labour Party)

Ewan Charles MARSHALL (Independent)

Linda MARSHALL (Labour Party)

Adam Martin POLLARD (Conservative Party)

Mark Anthony WATSON (Conservative Party)

Clair WHITHAM (Liberal Democrat)



Julie CAIRNS (no party listed)

Oliver Garbutt PEEKE (Conservative Party)

Stuart Alexander SUTHERLAND (Labour and Cooperative Party)


Consett North

David BOWERBANK (Liberal Democrat)

Clive Dermot Sinclair HEDGES (Labour Party)

Phillip MARSHALL (Labour Party)

Nicholas Paul MCCARTHY (Conservative Party)

Laura RIDES (Independent)

Kathryn Lesley ROONEY (Liberal Democrat)

Alexander WATSON (Independent)


Consett South

Mark Ernest APPLEBY (Labour Party)

Amy DHILLON  (Conservative Party)

Dominic John HANEY (Liberal Democrat)

Derek HICKS (Derwentside Independents)



Sue ELLIOTT (Conservative Party)

Charlie KAY (Labour Party)

Ben OLIVER (Liberal Democrat)

Michael David RAMAGE (Independent)



Jan BLAKEY (Independent)

Jason Stephen CARR (Conservative Party)

John Stuart DUNN (Labour Party)

Gary HUTCHINSON (Independent)

Oliver Edward LATIMER (Liberal Democrat)

Maura Christina MCKEON (Labour Party)

Marc OWENS (Conservative Party)

Maria Leina PLEWS (Labour Party)

Harvey Jeffrey STEVENS (Conservative Party)

Adam Joseph WALKER (Liberal Democrat)


Craghead and South Moor

Anthony Vivian BENTLEY (Conservative Party)

Katy COULSON (Derwentside Independents)

Ian James GOODWIN (Conservative Party)

Carole Ann HAMPSON (Labour Party)

Sam MCMAHON (Labour Party)



James Michael CURRAH (Conservative Party)

Mary Elizabeth HALL (Labour Party)

Patricia Ann JOPLING (Conservative Party)

Andrea Jean PATTERSON (Labour Party)

Anne REED (Independent)

Robbie RODISS (Conservative Party)

Maureen Blanche STANTON (Labour Party)



Robert ARTHUR (Seaham Community Party)

Leanne KENNEDY (Labour Party)

Kevin Joseph SHAW (Labour Party)

Linda WILLIS (Seaham Community Party)

David Robert YOUNG (Conservative Party)



Jean Kathleen CHAPLOW (Labour Party)

John Joseph KELLEY (Liberal Democrat)

Richard LAWRIE (Conservative Party)

Fleur Elizabeth MESTON (Conservative Party)

Dan NICHOLLS (Labour Party)

Alan OSTLE (Green Party)

Florence Diana SIMPSON (Liberal Democrat)

Katie TUCKER (Liberal Democrat)

Matthew Alexander VICKERS (Conservative Party)

Marion WILSON (Labour Party)


Delves Lane

Jane BROWN (Labour Party)

Malcolm CLARKE (Labour Party)

Nathan Stephen HANEY (Liberal Democrat)

George James Robert MCKAY (Derwentside Independents)

Angela STERLING (Conservative Party)

Michelle WALTON (Conservative Party)



Rochelle CHARLTONLAINÉ (Labour Party)

Susan Mary FAULKNER (Seaham Community Party)

Clive Michael PARKER (Conservative Party)

John James PURVIS (Labour Party)

Barry TAYLOR (Seaham Community Party)


Durham South

Rebecca ASHBY (Labour Party)

Stephen James ASHFIELD (Green Party)

Sean Patrick HEALY (Conservative Party)

David  STOKER (Liberal Democrat)



David John BOYES (Labour Party)

Graeme HYNDS (Conservative Party)

Terry Glenthorpe MURRAY (Independent)

Rachel Teresa SOUTHALL (Conservative Party)

Angela SURTEES (Labour Party)

Alan Thomas WILKINSON (The North East Party)


Elvet and Gilesgate

Victoria Rose ASHFIELD (Labour Party)

Omide DEINALI (Labour Party)

David Robert FREEMAN (Liberal Democrat)

Catriona HAWKES (Conservative Party)

Anna Mary MARSHALL (Green Party)

Michael Matthew MOLLON (Conservative Party)

Richard Daniel ORMEROD (Liberal Democrat)


Esh and Witton Gilbert

Ruth Clementine BLANCHFLOWER (Green Party)

Bev COULT (Liberal Democrat)

Ryan Lee Pescod DRION (Independent)

Alison Mary HILES (Labour Party)

Alison HIRST (Conservative Party)

David Robert MILNER (Conservative Party)

Arnie SIMPSON (Liberal Democrat)

Ian Edward STONE (Green Party)

Andy WALKER (Labour Party)



Alan John BREEZE (Independent)

James COSSLETT (Conservative Party)

Robert POTTS (Conservative Party)

Samuel Jonathan RUSHWORTH (Labour Party)

Julie Carolyn WARD (Labour Party)



Carole ATKINSON (Labour Party)

Peter Bernard ATKINSON (Labour Party)

Brian Francis AVERY (Independent)

Curtis Ferenc BIHARI (Labour Party)

David FARRY (Independent)

Joe MAKEPEACE (Independent)

Joe Michael QUINN (Conservative Party)


Framwellgate and Newton Hall

Ben GRAHAM (Labour Party)

Joshua James GREW (Conservative Party)

William HALFORD (Conservative Party)

John HARDMAN (Labour Party)

Amanda Jayne HOPGOOD 3 (Liberal Democrat)

Jeanie KELLETT (Labour Party)

Irene OSTLE (Green Party)

Frances Mamie SIMMONS (Liberal Democrat)

Mark SMEDLEY (Conservative Party)

Mark Ashley WILKES (Liberal Democrat)

Karon WILLIS (Independent)



Mary Alison CARTWRIGHT (The North East Party)

Carroll Mae HERD (Conservative Party)

Ian MCLEAN (Labour Party)

Isabella ROBERTS (Labour Party)

Kirsty Louise WILKINSON (The North East Party)



Margaret Denise BULLIVANT (Derwentside Independents)

Alison Louise GRAY (Labour Party)

Michael MCGAUN (Conservative Party)

Douglas OLIVER (Conservative Party)

Hannah Elizabeth PARKER-FULLER (Green Party)

David SMITH (Independent)

David TONER (Labour Party)

Jeanette WILLIAMS (Liberal Democrat)


Leadgate and Medomsley

Deborah Anne ARMSTRONG (Conservative Party)

Thomas Robert BEDSON (Labour Party)

Chris ROBINSON (Labour Party)

Alan SHIELD (Derwentside Independents)

Watts STELLING (Independent)

Emma YOUNG (Conservative Party)



Alan BELL (Independent)

Nathan BROWN (Conservative Party)

David Alan HASWELL (Liberal Democrat)

Philip HEAVISIDE (Independent)

Jak HOCKING (Conservative Party)

Michelle Clare MELVIN (Independent)

Michael Keith PEACOCK (Liberal Democrat)

David ROBINSON (Labour Party)

Audrey WILLIS (Independent)



Robert ADCOCKFORSTER (Labour Party)

Brian BROWN (Independent)

Andrew John DIXON (Conservative Party)

Julie Ann GRIFFITHS (Labour Party)

Stephen George ROBSON (Independent)


Nevilles Cross

Natalie Selene BROUGHTON (Green Party)

Liz BROWN (Liberal Democrat)

Frederick Robin Arthur FAWCETT (Conservative Party)

Brian Andrew FREEMAN (Labour Party)

Tristan Clemens Johannes PAHL (Conservative Party)

Elizabeth Elton SCOTT (Liberal Democrat)

John Alexander TURNBULL (Labour Party)


North Lodge

Michael GOULDING (Independent)

Andrew John HUSBAND (Conservative Party)

Craig MARTIN (Liberal Democrat)

Michael MARTIN (Labour Party)



Karen HAWLEY (The North East Party)

Danielle HOCKING (Conservative Party)

Archibald Scott Henderson MEIKLE (Labour Party)



Alison Joan BATEY (Labour Party)

Michael James BOTTERILL (Conservative Party)

Russell Amor HASWELL (Liberal Democrat)

Paul PRINGLE (Labour Party)

Adele TAGGART (Conservative Party)

Clare Helen TODD (Independent)

Julie Ann WATSON (Conservative Party)

Danny WOOD (Labour Party)


Peterlee East

Terry DUFFY (The North East Party)

Anthony GAVAGHAN (Conservative Party)

Diane HOWARTH (The North East Party)

Audrey Ellen LAING (Labour Party)

Colin WATKINS (Labour Party)

Judith May WEBB (Conservative Party)


Peterlee West

Jimmy ALVEY (no party listed)

Louise FENWICK (Labour Party)

Margaret Smith HOTHAM (no party listed)

John Angus Inglis Jones KINCAID (Conservative Party)

Karon LIDDELL (The North East Party)

Michelle Louise MCCUE (Labour Party)

Susan MCDONNELL (The North East Party)

Samuel James Stephen MESTON (Conservative Party)



Nicola BROWN (Liberal Democrat)

Graham DRUMMOND-HILL (Conservative Party)

Nicholas KASCH (Green Party)

John Matthew STEPHENSON (Conservative Party)

Emma WALDOCK (Labour Party)

Simon Joseph WILSON (Labour Party)



Karan Elizabeth BATEY (Labour Party)

Kathryn BRACE (Seaham Community Party)

Graeme Neville HEPWORTH (Seaham Community Party)

David MCKENNA (Labour Party)

Margaret REID (Conservative Party)

Emily ROUGHT (Conservative Party)

Roger François VILA (Liberal Democrat)



David Ralph BROWN (Conservative Party)

Catherine Anne HART (Conservative Party)

Chris LINES (Independent)

David Peter MCNEE (Independent)

John ROBINSON (Labour Party)

Heidi Louise SMITH (Labour Party)



Michael ANDERSON (Liberal Democrat)

Peter Stephen BYRNE (Conservative Party)

David Marshall HALL (Labour Party)

Bill  KELLETT (Labour Party)

Andrew Neil TIBBS (Liberal Democrat)

Gillian Dawn WARBY (Conservative Party)


Shildon and Dene Valley

Michael COX (Conservative Party)

Luan DEAKIN (Independent)

Nick HALLIDAY (Liberal Democrat)

Robert INGLEDEW (Independent)

Matt JOHNSON (Labour Party)

Fred LANGLEY (Independent)

Khwan MARTIN (Conservative Party)

Stephen David MARTIN (Conservative Party)

Shirley QUINN (Labour Party)

Samantha TOWNSEND (Labour Party)


Shotton and South Hetton

Kylie AUSTIN YOUNG (Labour Party)

Andrew Thomas CAREY (Liberal Democrat)

Ivan COCHRANE (Independent)

Ian Richard DAVENPORT (Conservative Party)

Christopher Ross HOOD (Independent)

Alan LIVERSIDGE (Labour Party)

Clive YARWOOD (Conservative Party)



Neville DART (Political Unity for Progress)

Helen Louise HANNAR (Conservative Party)

Luke Allan HOLMES (Conservative Party)

Lyndsey JOHNSON (Conservative Party)

Martin Thomas Brian JONES (Liberal Democrat)

Steven Alan JONES (Political Unity for Progress)

Liz MADDISON (Independent)

Pete MOLLOY (Independent)

Colin NELSON (Labour Party)

Kester NOBLE (Labour Party)

Mark James QUINN (Green Party)

Dean RANYARD (Liberal Democrat)

Kaye ROBERTS (Political Unity for Progress)

Julie Michelle STIRK (Labour Party)



Janet Elizabeth ATKINSON (Derwentside Independents)

*Karen Tracey BROWN (Conservative Party) – Nomination Withdrawn

Angela HANSON (Labour Party)

Carl MARSHALL (Labour Party)

Gary MCCALLUM (Conservative Party)

Maura Theresa RADFORD (Green Party)

Jennifer Ann ROBERTSON (Liberal Democrat)

Stewart Trevor ROBSHAW (Derwentside Independents)



Gordon BINNEY (Labour Party)

Joyce CHARLTON (Derwentside Independents)

Dawn KNIGHT (Labour Party)

Anita Dawn MESTON (Conservative Party)

David TULLY (Derwentside Independents)

Patricia WYNNE (Conservative Party)


Tow Law

Terry BATSON (no party listed)

Richard James MANCHESTER (Labour Party)


Trimdon and Thornley

Gemma Louise ABLEY (Conservative Party)

Kenneth George GRAINGER (Liberal Democrat)

Lucy HOVVELS (Labour and Cooperative Party)

Jake MILLER (Labour and Cooperative Party)

Dave SMITH (The For Britain Movement)

Chris VARTY (Labour and Cooperative Party)

William WALKER (Conservative Party)



Mark Antony ABLEY (Conservative Party)

Andrew Clark ANDERSON (Labour Party)

Beckie CALDER (Liberal Democrat)

Neil Crowther FOSTER (Labour Party)

Ian GELDARD (Political Unity for Progress)

Clive MADDISON (Independent)

Billy MCALOON (Independent)

Jonathan MILES-WATSON (Green Party)



Charles Stephen COWIE (Conservative Party)

Owain Guy Richard GARDNER (Labour and Cooperative Party)

Mary Anita SAVORY (Independent)

John SHUTTLEWORTH (Independent)

William WEARMOUTH (Conservative Party)


West Auckland

Nick BROWN (Independent)

Declan John GILROY (Conservative Party)

Helen Catherine GOODMAN (Labour Party)

Mark Robert Idwal ROBERTS (Conservative Party)

Alex TIGHE (Independent)

Rob YORKE (Labour Party)

Lesley Gywneth ZAIR (Independent)


Willington and Hunwick

Olwyn Elizabeth GUNN (Labour Party)

Ian HIRST (Conservative Party)

Alistair LAYFIELD (Conservative Party)

Fraser Paul TINSLEY (Labour Party)



Danny BANNON (Conservative Party)

John Robert HIGGINS (Labour Party)

Edwin Herbert SIMPSON (Liberal Democrat)


Woodhouse Close

Jamie BLACKBURN (Labour Party)

Leanda CHAPPELL (Independent)

Joanne Marie HOWEY (Conservative Party)

Cathy HUNT (Conservative Party)

John LETHBRIDGE (Labour Party)

Tanya TUCKER (Liberal Democrat)

Words: James Harrison, Local Democracy Reporter

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