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ELECTION RESULTS: Conservative Jill Mortimer takes Hartlepool in a historic result


Jill Mortimer takes Hartlepool in the by election to become the first Conservative, and the first woman, to become an MP for the constituency. 

Though Labour have held on to many of the seats in the region following the local elections, there have been some pretty significant red losses across the North East. The biggest shock was in Hartlepool, where a conservative MP was elected for the first time since the constituency was established. Jill Mortimer came away with over 15,000 of the votes with Labour trailing behind with 8,589. She is also the first woman to hold the position, hailing the result as truly historic.

Steve Reed, shadow secretary for communities and local government has described the defeat as “absolutely shattering”.

We've been out in Hartlepool to get your reaction to the election of Jill Mortimer.

In Northumberland, the Conservatives now have a majority with 34 seats to Labour's 21. The Independents have 7, with Lib Dems on 3 and the Green Party with 2. For Berwick West with Ord and Hartley, it was a dead heat which meant names had to be drawn from a box to determine the winner. The Lib Dem candidate Elizabeth Hunter took the Berwick seat with Conservative David Ferguson winning the draw in Hartley.
In Stockton there were 5 seats up for grabs and the Tories took them all.
Labour have held onto a majority in Sunderland but have lost 9 of their councillors, leaving them with 42 total. The Conservatives gained 6 seats, pushing them up to 18, and the Liberal Democrats gained 4 boosting them up to 12.
In South Tyneside, Labour maintained a majority, losing only 4 seats. And it was a nice surprise for the Green's as they took two of those, with a conservative and independent candidate winning one a piece.
Newcastle remains under Labour control, losing two seats to independent councillors and keeping hold of the rest.
Labour have held onto Gateshead, defending 19 seats. The Liberal Democrats have 5 seats in the constituency.

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