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EARTHE DAY: Friends of The Earth are calling on Metro Mayoral candidates to prioritise climate change issues


On Thursday 22nd April Friends of The Earth are calling on  Metro Mayoral candidates to mark Earth Day. They want them to demonstrate what they will do locally to prevent the coming disasters of climate change and environmental destruction. 

As the race for City Hall reaches the final straight on Thursday 6th May, candidates bidding to be the next Mayor are flexing their environmental credentials and ambitions with voters.  However, new data shows current policies are failing to deliver on government targets to reduce C02 emissions by 2030.

Metro mayors have important powers that they can use to ensure their regions are as climate and nature friendly as possible.  By taking action at a regional level they can also show the national government where the communities’ priorities lie, what can be done, and how we expect them to follow suit.

Over 20% of England’s carbon emissions are produced in areas governed by Metro mayors and Combined Authorities. Whoever is elected as the next mayor can’t single-handedly solve the nature and climate crises, nor the pandemic, but must use the powers they have to make as big a difference as possible.

Friends of the Earth is calling on Metro mayoral candidates to mark Earth Day by demonstrating what they will do locally to prevent the coming disasters of climate change and environmental destruction.  Voters can encourage candidates to pledge their support for the Climate Action Plan by committing to the 10 priorities to protect people and the planet and help the COVID-19 recovery.

The data – which compiles and analyses official datasets – measures how local authority areas compare in different categories including renewable energy, public transport, composting, recycling, and tree cover. As a result, it has identified the key areas where more action is most needed as the green group suggest most are doing far too little, and even the better performing ones can improve. The data can be accessed here.

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