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HARRY & MEGHAN INTERVIEW: The biggest moments as they happened


It was the interview that world was waiting for - full of royal revelations.

In the much anticipated sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle revealed she had contemplated taking her own life, explaining she had not received adequate support for her mental health troubles from the royal family - “life is worth living” she said after overcoming many overwhelming struggles.

It’s prompted a discussion of whether the palace is a racist institution - after the duchess of Sussex explained someone within the royal family had raised questions surrounding the colour of their first child’s skin - with sources suggesting neither the Queen or Prince Phillip were involved in this incident.

A story that had previously made headlines was one that suggested that Meghan had made Kate Middleton cry, just days before their wedding back in 2018 - according to Meghan though, it was in fact the reverse...

Another revelation surrounding the Royal Wedding was that pair actually got married three days before the lavish wedding we all tuned in to see that summer in 2018. Telling opera Winfrey, the duchess said that public event was a “spectacle” for the world to see but that they wanted their own private ceremony.

Markle also described her good relationship with the Queen - and even called to send her wishes when they found out about Prince Phillip in hospital

Roya Nikkhah is Royal Correspondent at The Sunday Times, and told BBC Breakfast the claims made in the interview were truly unprecedented

Onto Harry, and he explained how he feel “hurt” by his father and “really let down” - saying he will continue to make it a priority to heal their relationship. Several nods were made to his mother, Princess Diana, as he suggested Prince Charles would understood the hurt the pair have gone through.

The interview - much awaited and creating reaction worldwide ended with a special nod to the future - as the couple revealed they were expecting a girl.

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