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HIDDEN SNOW MORE: Suspected cannabis farm dismantled due to snow

HIDDEN SNOW MORE: Suspected cannabis farm dismantled due to snow

Image: Northumbira Police

A suspected cannabis farm has been dismantled after a snow-free roof gave the game away.

Responding to local concerns that a home may be doubling up as a cannabis farm, officers visited at an address in Frank Street, Wallsend, on Friday.

When they arrived they noticed neighbouring properties boasted snow topped roofs but the address in question was the exception.

Once inside the property officers discovered around 50 mature cannabis plants. It was also discovered that the electricity had been dangerously by-passed.

Sergeant Richard Hay of the Wallsend Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Heavy snow can cause all sorts of problems. But, it can also have its benefits  . . . such as helping to identify possible cannabis growing hot spots.

“Cannabis needs to be grown in certain conditions that require heat and many cannabis growers use heat lamps to aid with production.

“And as heat rises, it makes it hard for snow to lie but easy to spot a potential cannabis farm . . . which was the case here.”

Sgt Hay added: “Paying for that extra heating is not cheap and at this address the electricity had been dangerously by-passed.

“I want to remind the public that cannabis farmers do not make for good neighbours. By- passing electricity could be potentially fatal for those who live in neighbouring properties.

“In December a farm went up in flames and neighbours had to evacuate their homes for the New Year period.

“We would always encourage anybody who believes somebody is using a property as a makeshift cannabis farm to report their suspicions to police.

“We still need you to be our eyes and ears on the ground and if you see anything that causes you concern, or doesn’t seem quite right, then please contact us.

“It may be there is a strong smell of drugs, strangers are loitering in the street or a particular property that may be being regularly visited by a number of different people. Reporting could help save a life.”

A 28-year-old male was interviewed and reported for cultivating cannabis.

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