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LAST TERM: Covid stats at schools in Middlesbrough

LAST TERM: Covid stats at schools in Middlesbrough

The Macmillan Academy in Middlesbrough, Image: Google Maps

More than 2,000 school children and staff recorded positive Covid tests during the last term in Middlesbrough.

In just one week, there were 484 cases, according to figures shared during Middlesbrough’s Health Scrutiny Panel on Monday, November 1.

The new term started on Friday, September 3 and there were 215 positive cases in the week commencing September 6.

Cases increased to 279 (Sept 13) and then decreased to 264 (Sept 20), then to 241 (Sept 27) before they increased to 371 (Oct 4) and then up to the highest week at 484 (Oct 11).

They then began to fall again the week before half term to 311 and then to 101 during the week of half term.

South Tees’ public health intelligence specialist Alistair Stewart said that he would expect to see an increase this week as schools return.

Another dataset shared at the meeting showed positive cases for the two weeks leading up to October 29 broken down by school.

Of the schools included, Macmillan Academy had the highest number of positive cases for pupils with 65, followed by Trinity Catholic College with 30 and then Outwood Academy Acklam with 29.

The total figure reported by Middlesbrough schools for children testing positive in the two weeks to October 29 was 245.

school stats

The number of cases reported to the public health team by Middlesbrough schools, Image: South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

However, Public Health England data shows that there are 428 children between reception and year 11 who had tested positive.

Mr Stewart added: “It’s down to schools to send in these details and we know that not all cases are being sent to us.

“Unfortunately, the public health data that I receive on a daily basis doesn’t actually say what school they attend so we are reliant on this.

“You can see in the last two weeks, the number of pupil cases are 245, whereas from the Public Health England linelist that I get the data from I am aware of 428 cases in children.

“A huge chunk of that will be down to half term and schools not reporting that so we will probably get a surge in the next couple of days with cases that have happened previously that the schools start inputting.”

The public health official said that they were working with schools to ensure the data is properly reported.

Schools are also working with health bosses to ensure that the vaccine is being rolled out.

Mr Stewart had said that some parents had issues sorting consent for their children to have the jab.

He added: “I think there were issues in terms of parents having very short timescales to turn around consent forms, having to print them off, and not having digital options.”

The data, which will reveal the number of children who have been vaccinated in each school, is not yet available though it is expected.

However, if pupils have missed the vaccine, slots can now be booked for 12-15 year olds via the national booking system.

The vaccination programme has already visited five Middlesbrough schools including Acklam Grange School, Hollis Academy, Unity City Academy, Beverley School, and Macmillan Academy.

See below for the proposed dates for the vaccination programme to visit the remaining Middlesbrough schools:

  • November 11 – The Kings Academy
  • November 23 – Outwood Acklam
  • November 26 – River Tees
  • December 3 – Unity City Academy (second day)
  • December 8 – Outwood Ormesby (second day)


Words: Emily Craigie, Local Democracy Reporter

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