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LOCAL ELECTIONS: It’s part 2 of our local election special as we hear from the candidates vying to become Mayor of North Tyneside


Local elections - it’s part 2 of our local election special as we hear from the candidates vying to become the next Mayor of North Tyneside.

Last week we heard from the labour and conservative candidates in the running to become Mayor of North Tyneside. Now let's hear from the Green Party candidate Penny Remfry, UKIP candidate Jack Thomson, and Liberal Democrat candidate John Appleby to hear their priorities should they be elected.

As well as Penny Remfry, Jack Thomson and John Appleby, Steven Robinson and current Mayor Norma Redfearn are also vying for the position that will be decided when the local elections take place on Thursday.
In Last week’s episode...

In the upcoming local elections, five candidates are vying for the position of Mayor of North Tyneside. The current Mayor, Labour's Norma Redfearn is defending the role, and was first elected in 2013. Her priorities include regeneration of the area and working to combat climate change.

The Conservative candidate is British Gas engineer and former Royal Marine Steven Robinson who, if elected will focus on tackling anti social behaviour and wants to freeze council tax.

The Liberal Democrat candidate is John Appleby, the former head of mechanical engineering at Newcastle University. He believes the Climate Emergency should be a top priority and hopes to encourage and enable more people to walk and cycle in the region.
The UKIP candidate is Jack Thomson who believes the local establishment have ignored the needs of the people of North Tyneside and that needs to change.
Running for the Green Party is Penny Remfry, a North Tyneside resident for almost 50 years, who says we need to build back from the pandemic in a green way, reducing fossil fuels and shifting to electricity.

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