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NEW RESTAURANT: Noise worries sees bistro booze bid go to hearings

NEW RESTAURANT: Noise worries sees bistro booze bid go to hearings

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Worry noisy punters and live music from a new restaurant will disturb neighbours have triggered a licensing hearing to decide its fate. 

Ingleby Cafe Bistro wants to serve alcohol until 10.30pm from Monday to Sunday on Beckfields Avenue ahead of moves to open the eatery this year.

But it will be left to Stockton councillors to decide on its premises licence next week after some neighbours shared concerns about live music being played into the evening.

Bosses at the restaurant told Stockton Council it would ensure staff were trained in the sale of alcohol and signs telling patrons to leave quietly would be erected in the venue.

The owners have also agreed terms with environmental health teams at Stockton Council to ensure music is played indoors only, doors and windows are kept shut, and there is background music only after 10pm.

However, several residents have sounded their objections – with worries live music could go on until 11pm a recurring theme.

One Thorington Gardens householder was concerned how live music could affect their children’s sleep.

She said: “I work flexible hours from home, both during the day and on an evening.

“Live music will be heard within our property, which will prevent me from being able to concentrate, and affect the quality of my work.

“Live music will also affect my family’s right to peacefully enjoy our home.”

Another resident couldn’t understand the need for live music at the bistro.

He added: “We already have a pub and a shop selling alcohol. I get up early some mornings so I go to bed earlier.

“It’s a nice quiet part of Ingleby so why on Earth do we need music blasting?”

Licensing papers showed the owners held talks with council officials to stop serving alcohol at 10.30pm rather than 11pm.

Terms were also signed in agreement with Cleveland Police’s licensing unit to ensure  training is kept up to date, CCTV cover around the restaurant, and that devices are in good working order.

But both Cllr Sally Ann Watson and Cllr Alan Watson, members for Ingleby Barwick East,  have shared doubts about the licence being granted in its current form.

Cllr Alan Watson was worried for the residents in Thornington Gardens.

He added: “Many are elderly or have young children. I would like to see alcohol sales limited to with food only and last served at 10pm.”

The Conservative also suggested “ad hoc” live music events should need a temporary event licence as and when required.

“Rather than residents in close proximity having to worry about the potential for live music being played all day, every day,” added Cllr Watson.

“This would aid good relationships from the outset and that can only be beneficial to a new business and residents alike.”

Ingleby Cafe Bistro declined to comment ahead of next week’s hearing.

The licensing committee will meet at Stockton Town Hall on September 6.


Words: Alex Metcalfe, Local Democracy Reporter

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