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NORTHUMBERLAND THEATRE COMPANY: It’s too early to talk about the panto….OH NO IT ISN’T!


We spoke to Louis Roberts at the Northumberland Theatre Company to hear all about an anonymous donation that has proved to be an absolute game changer.

A generous donation of £10,000 from an anonymous Fairy Godmother has ensured that the people of Amble and beyond will get a Pantomime this Christmas.

The Northumberland Theatre Company (NTC), based in Amble’s Dovecote Centre, are a self-funding professional small-scale touring theatre company and like every other entertainment business they have been severely financially impacted by COVID restrictions.

With only one outdoor show last year and no chance to tour, the company’s financial situation made it difficult to plan for the traditional Christmas Panto. Then, as if by magic, a letter was posted to the company together with a £10,000 cheque.

The team said:

“The lady asked us to keep her identity a secret and we don’t know her personally. All we know is that she has enjoyed our work in the past and has decided to help us out by donating this fantastic amount of money that will be used to pay for the Christmas Panto which this year is Cinderella. It’s quite appropriate that Cinders had a Fairy Godmother and now so do we. We are all very grateful.”

It is anticipated that following risk assessments and Covid-proofing, the Centre will reopen to the public in early August. Forthcoming events include regular cinema showings and a production of “The Importance of Being Earnest.”

“We have been well supported by the people of Amble during the pandemic by donations, well wishes and pledges to return to see our shows but this anonymous gift has really lifted our spirits and given us the funds to guarantee that the theatre will be filled with laughter and joy this Christmas time.”

Getting back on stage 
The theatre and entertainment industry as a whole has been battered by coronavirus, and it's not going to be an easy road ahead. We are of course expecting all restrictions to ease on the 19th of July, which will come as a huge relief to many venues, but the industry isn't expected just to bounce back overnight.

Should the so called freedom day go ahead, the industry can start to rebuild. Allowing performers to finally get back in front of their audiences, and bringing us all a much needed bit of entertainment.


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