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RETURN OF THE NIGHTCLUB: Freedom day has arrived


It’s the return of the nightclub as coronavirus restrictions are eased. We spoke to Aaron Mellor, who runs Digital in Newcastle, about what this means for the industry.

The nightclub industry was pretty much on hold throughout the whole of the pandemic. Now that restrictions have eased, they are able to open their doors once again. But it's been a serious uphill battle for the industry, with club operators like Aaron feeling like they've been completely ignored by the government.

Coronavirus cases and hospitalisations are both on the rise. South Tyneside currently has the highest infection in the region. Aaron says he's concerned that an inevitable continuation in the rise of case numbers will eventually be blamed on nightclubs and youngsters making up for lost time.
Though it is cause for celebration for people who have been missing the night life and for industry operators, the situation is far from over. And reversing the easing of restrictions now due to rising case numbers would have catastrophic financial consequences. So Aaron said the team at Digital will still operate with covid in mind.
As restrictions ease…

Downing Street again urged a cautious approach to the new freedoms in England after people returned to nightclubs in the early hours of Monday.

Asked whether Boris Johnson was relaxed about the scenes from nightclubs, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “As far as I’m aware those nightclubs are operating within the rules.

“We continue to urge nightclubs to use the Covid pass to enable them to check whether people have been double-jabbed or have had a recent negative tests – I think that’s in their interests and the interests of those attending.”

The possibility of making the use of Covid passes compulsory would be considered “if necessary”, the spokesman said.

Asked whether clubs could be closed again if deemed necessary, the spokesman said: “That would be a significant step. Our approach is to work closely with those businesses and encourage them to use that certification.

“We are reserving the right to mandate certification in certain venues, maybe at a later date if necessary, and we will keep that under review.”

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