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FREEDOM FOR THE DOUBLE JABBED: Mayor calls on Government to change isolation guidance


Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen has called on the Government to deliver freedom for people who have been double jabbed.

The Mayor thinks the Government should bring forward the date that will allow those who have received both of their Covid-19 jabs to not have to self-isolate from 16th of August to the 19th of July if they get ‘pinged’ by the NHS Trace and Trace app.

More than 530,000 alerts or ‘pings’ were sent by the app telling people to self-isolate were sent in the week to 7 July, a 46% rise on the previous week.

It is feared that the number of people told to self-isolate will skyrocket further when most legal coronavirus restrictions in England are lifting on July 19 with the move to Step 4 of the Government’s pandemic recovery road map.

Already the pings are having a huge impact on businesses, with many manufacturing and food companies saying large numbers of staff are off work, despite been double jabbed.

NHS leaders have also warned the system that informs people to quarantine if they have been a close contact of someone who has tested positive is starting to have an impact on hospitals delivering routine care.

Urging the government to act, Mayor Houchen said: “If we do not deliver freedom for the double jabbed on the 19th of July then hundreds of thousands more people are going to have self-isolate for no reason, and this is going to have a huge impact on manufacturing, food production and the NHS.

“The Track and Trace app played a hugely important part in getting the coronavirus under control while the life-saving vaccines were being developed and rolled out. But now that we have nearly 70 percent of people are double vaccinated, including the vast vast majority of the most vulnerable, the government needs to update its guidance and accept that if it’s safe to go to a night club having only one jab after the 19th of July, it’s safe for someone to go to work if they’ve had both jabs.

“Learning to live with the virus also means not being paralysed by it, yes we must be vigilant, but businesses and the NHS should not be crippled by an app.”

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