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YOUNG PEOPLE REFLECT: One year on from the first day of UK’s lockdown, how do they feel about the future?


We’ve been hearing throughout the last year that it’s the youth of today who will undoubtedly face the biggest hardship post-pandemic 

Whether that be in catching up on education, employment or simply the cost incurred. Polling by YouGov suggests 18-24 year olds coped the 'least well' over the last year.

Misha, Hattie and Matthew are joining me from right around the UK. They’re part of the Youth Steering Comittee for Beatfreeks - influencing key decision making in the way the insight agency works - sharing their thoughts on 12 months living with lockdown.

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About Beatfreeks:

Beatfreeks is an engagement and insight agency with a vital community of young creatives. We connect them to brands, government and funders so they can influence how the world works.

In a recent National Youth Trends report called Take The Temperature conducted at the start of the pandemic, they found:

  • More than 9 in 10 young people believe that the Coronavirus pandemic could pave the way for wider positive change in society
  • 83% said they were more worried than they normally would be due to the crisis. A further 58% said that Covid-19 had left them unsure about their future.
  • Young people are 3 times more likely than the general population to feel increased strain on their mental health
  • Among those self-employed, 77% also said that they had lost work, become financially unstable or are unsure about what the future holds for them.
  • 90.7% said that they are strictly adhering to government advice while just 0.4% said they are ignoring lockdown measures. The remaining 8.9% said they are following the guidelines but have not been too strict.

Another National Youth Trends report from Beatfreeks conducted in Sept/Oct 2020, found:

  • When making career choices - the most influential factor was doing something they love (44%) over money (20%). 14% said good work/life balance is their main factor when making career choices
  • On working from home - 44% would like the option of WFH and the office,  as decided by them. 24% would like to go back into the office permanently, 17% would like to work from home permanently and 15% would like a mixture decided by their employer

Found out more about Beatfreeks at beatfreeks.com

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