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2030 FIFA WORLD CUP : UK set to bid to host the tournament


The football associations of the four home nations have confirmed they'll make a joint bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

The English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish FA's are coming together to be a united host nation of the competition.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set aside almost £3million to bring the tournament to these shores.

Euro 96 was the last time the UK hosted a major international football tournament.

The World Cup was last held here in 1966 - the only year England have won the Jules Rimmet trophy.


The United Kingdom and Ireland World Cup bid


Johnson has said the country will be ready to host the upcoming Euro's if necessary.

However, a tournament completely in the country with time to plan and the hopeful eventually of a post-pandemic life will be good for the country.

It could help to give the economy a boost and be a welcome opportunity for British and Irish fans to see World Cup games live.

The next World Cup is set to be held in Qatar in 2022, with 2026's host nation being the United States of America, Canada and Mexico.

With that in mind, the only available options for FIFA to select their next host country are Europe, Africa, South America and Oceania.

Confirmed bids for 2030 FIFA World Cup


Australia are believed to have bid for the 2030 tournament as well as a joint South American bid from Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile.

That South American bid would be apt if it won as it would be 100 years on from the first-ever World Cup, which was held in Uruguay.

Elsewhere, Spain and Portugal will also join forces to bid.

Morocco have said they will be in the running, with Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Liberia potentially jumping on board, although they would be interested in working along

Another joint bid sees Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia unite to get their hands on a World Cup.


All interested bidders so far


  • England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Republic of Ireland
  • Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
  • Cameroon
  • Egypt
  • Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia
  • Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile
  • Morocco

The official bidding process begins in 2022 with the host chosen in 2024.

A long way to go before anything official, and a lot of competition to battle with, but a World Cup in the UK is enough to get any football fan excited.

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