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CROSSROADS: Will the big six be punished by the governing bodies?


Football governing bodies in England and around the world are weighing up what sanctions should be imposed on the big six and other founding members of the European Super League.

The Premier League and FA joined with FIFA and UEFA on Tuesday to condemn the proposals, but now the big six have all pulled out of the competition.

With the idea now dead in the water, the clubs face a nervous wait to find out what possible repercussions they could face for their involvement.

From points deductions, to fines and expulsion from European competition, what can we expect football’s governing bodies to do?




Two of the big six teams have pulled clear of the rest in the Premier League, and with the resources each of the other four has available, it is unlikely a points deduction will be used as it might not impact those involved too heavily.

As is often the case for any misconduct, fines may well be given out in order to financially punish a project that was motivated by financial gain.

FIFA and UEFA had threatened players with being banned from international duty, although as the proposals were backed by owners and not players, this idea is unlikely to be followed through.

It is unclear whether UEFA may look to impact any of the clubs and their participation in European competition next season, but some fans have suggested that steps such as a transfer embargo could work as a punishment.


Shankly Gates Podcast


David, Kieran and Dan on the Shankly Gates podcast discussed what they thought should happen to the big six clubs: “If they went ahead with it then I’d have thrown the book at them,” said Kieran.

“For me the big six clubs have to be punished. They’ve turned around to the rest of the league and basically said that they don’t need them.”

However, whilst Dan admits the idea was wrong, he believes there may not have been much choice: “From an ownership point of view they were never going to turn that opportunity down.

“We’ve [Liverpool] just won the Premier League and in order to stay in that mix, what choice did they have? If the other five clubs turned around and said they were going then Liverpool had to go as well.”

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