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MAKING A DIFFERENCE: How sport supported society during lockdown


It's been a year since the first coronavirus lockdown and we're taking a look at how sportspeople have done their bit to help others less fortunate.

The obvious one is Marcus Rashford, who fought for children in lower-income families to have access to food.

He forced multiple government u-turns and after conversations with Boris Johnson managed to secure funding to help.

Support for Rashford's cause came from public donations as well as supermarkets pledging food and money.

The Manchester United and England star revealed he grew up on free school meals and was concerned that schools closing may leave children hungry.


Foodbank donations


Several footballers have also helped on a similar footing by donating money to food banks.

Liverpool's Andrew Robertson is believed to have donated money to Glasgow NE foodbank without his name being made public.



His team-mates would soon follow suit, donating £40,000 to their LFC Foundation and more money to the North Liverpool Foodbank.

Birmingham City captain Harlee Dean was amongst players to take a wage cut to help their club survive financially.

His former team-mate and current Aston Villa midfielder Jota donated over three thousand pairs of sterile gloves for the police and medical services in his home country of Spain.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola also helped his nation by donating one million euros to provide medical equipment.


Criticism for sport during the first lockdown


All this came amidst Health Secretary Matt Hancock along with members of the public complaining that footballers needed to do more to help.

This criticism became public while Premier League captains were already in the middle of discussions regarding how they can support their clubs.

Many people pointed out that footballers, in particular, contribute more tax to the country than the vast majority of people.

Whereas multi-millionaires, who earn the same if not more, were not being given the same treatment.

Sports stars helped where they could, raising awareness and donating money to those who need it most.

Hopefully, as the pandemic end is in sight, people remember the good deeds from sport and they can continue being role models after lockdown.

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