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LOCAL ART: A physical exhibition celebrating northern female creatives launches this summer!

LOCAL ART: A physical exhibition celebrating northern female creatives launches this summer!

The physical exhibition and a celebration of female creatives, curated by Hartlepool artist Slutmouth and Middlesbrough artist Wild Lamb and hosted by Pineapple Black, returns as 'Let us Eat Cake - Part 2'.

Two of the North East’s most exciting artists will be joining force once more to takeover Pineapple Black this June as they pay honour to female identifying, working class artists through their collaborative curatorial physical debut, Let Us Eat Cake.

The takeover which has already been partly been featured on Pineapple Black’s IRL exhibition space in their newly launched virtual gallery, PBVArts. The virtual exhibition launched March 8th. There was a fantastic response to the digital exhibition with over 1000 virtual visitors. The physical exhibition which serves as the second part to ‘Let Us Eat Cake’ will preview on the 25th of June 2021 in Pineapple Black and be a host to a new selection of Artists.

The exhibition will include work from local, national and international female identifying artists of a working-class background. The focus of both exhibitions is to both create an empowering platform for the artists, and to inspire and engage with a new, forward thinking generation of artists.

“This kind of cross-platform takeover is a first for Pineapple Black – we are being hijacked – and we can’t wait!”

“ We are excited to introduce and showcase more fantastic female creatives from the North East and beyond. We aim to show the North for what it truly is.. a powerhouse full of creatives! We are still running on the high that was our digital exhibition and cannot wait to celebrate a new range of artists we have involved in our ever growing cakey community.” Bettie Hope of Slutmouth

“Growing up working class and being female in one of the most deprived areas in the UK will, if nothing else toughen you up and sharpen your wit, and that's something that I see reflected a lot in my own work and also the work of my favourite local artists. We are so excited to give creative people a platform to not only get their voice heard, but shout it out from the top of their lungs” Paige Livingstone of Wild Lamb

Let Us Eat Cake launches on 25th June 2021 at Pineapple Black as the first official event of the year!

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