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TEAM TALK: Cadbury launches Limited Edition Team Talk bars to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Cadbury and Aston Villa W.F.C have joined forces to create a nationwide ‘Team Talk’ which aims to encourage women across the UK to celebrate and empower each other on International Women’s Day!

 This International Women’s Day, Cadbury and Aston Villa Women are calling for women from across the UK to unite by sharing positive and empowering messages to each other, which will be delivered on limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Team Talk’ bars.

Drawing on the empowering nature of a team talk, Cadbury and the team have come together to launch #IWDTeamTalk, a social movement which aims to unite the UK’s 33 million women as one team through the power of shared words.

 #IWDTeamTalk encourages women to share words that they feel are important for any and all women to hear. From motivating others to achieve their life goals to empowering women to take action against bias and inequality, the movement aims to deliver a moment of inspiration to women across the nation.  

 How do I get involved?

To take part, individuals simply need to head to @CadburyUK Twitter and share a message that they believe will resonate with every woman using #IWDTeamTalk. A selection of quotes will be chosen to feature on limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Team Talk’ bars and shared with women across the country; including those who shared their words, as well as a number of women focused groups from across the nation.


 The players of Aston Villa Women alongside women from across all levels of the Mondelez International business kicked off the campaign by becoming the first to share their words, revealing why they feel they are important for other women to hear.


  • Anita Asante, Aston Villa Women: “There is beauty & Strength in diversity.”

Because I believe that women are breaking barriers all across the world, all the time in different areas of work and industry. It’s a great sign of the progress we are making.


  • Chloe Arthur, Aston Villa Women: “Use those who want to destroy your dream as fuel to achieve it.”

That is to all the girls growing up in sport, or in any point in their life. It’s relevant to me and women around the world as I feel like in sport, or any walk of life, there are life challenges and there are people who try and put you down but it’s important to use this negative energy as fuel to help achieve your dream because it’s your life and no one else’s.


  • Emily Syme, Aston Villa Women: “Keep your eyes on the stars, but your feet on the ground.”

I have this in the changing room before game day to remind me to always follow my dreams but make sure to remember where I’ve come from.


This campaign is a continuation of Cadbury and Aston Villa Women’s commitment to supporting the women’s game. The partnership of these two Birmingham institutes focuses on enhancing the clubs Students of the Game Programme, which puts education and careers at the centre of the football operation. Providing players with the opportunity to play elite professional football whilst developing their own viable career paths.


Cadbury are supporting the diversification of the current offering through, enhancements to the bespoke Women’s Leadership Programme, providing work experience opportunities and employability skills in a bid to support the future pathways of each of the team.  


 Lyndsey Homer, Brand Manager at Cadbury said: “We’re incredibly proud to extend the work we do with Aston Villa W.F.C. through the ‘Students of the Game’ programme to women across the country with our Team Talk campaign.  Supporting women within the UK’s communities is a key priority for us, and we’re so excited to see the words women share”


 Anita Asante, Aston Villa W.F.C. said: For the squad, the importance of spotlighting and supporting the team’s ambitions is vital to the overall progression of the game. Drawing on the value of team talks to spread key messages is an incredibly powerful way in which we hope to inspire and uplift the women in our wider community. Aston Villa Women are proud to pioneer our dual careers model that aims to remove the obstacles faced by female footballers and future professionals. Communication is key to success both on and off the pitch, and this campaign thoroughly demonstrates that.


Image: Aston Villa x Cadbury Team Talk

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